Dave’s Ford Escort G3

Dave's Ford Escort G3

Our escort G3 was purchased as i tempory replacement for the MK2 escort I crashed in September allowing to compete on the 2017 Saaremaa rally last October.

Its powered by a 2000cc XE 16v twin cam has circa 230 bhp twin paddle clutch 5 speed dog box and atlas axle with ZF lsd 4.1 cwp.Ap brakes all round 13″ wheels shod with pirreli M/S tyers .

Gartrac G3 Rally Escort

Ford had finished production of the Escort Mk2 and had unveiled the Mk3 which in standard form was front wheel drive, which at that time was not competitive for rally use. Gartrac decided to convert the Mk3 to rear wheel drive and use as many Mk2 parts as possible.

The G3 had newly fabricated front chassis rails, a wider front track with repositioned top mounts which had the effect of moving the engine and gearbox backwards in relation to the wheelbase. Bespoke front cross member, TCA’s and antirollbar were designed along with a compression strut system. A fabricated transmission tunnel was grafted through the centre of the car and four link suspension boxes were fitted at the rear with a wider atlas axle. It was powered by a 2.2 litre Ford Pinto engine, with twin-cam head developed by Cosworth.

The G3 was secretly tested at Boreham with the RS1700T that Ford was developing. It proved to be more than a match, lapping 3 seconds a lap faster around the test track.

The first car produced was prepared by Sydney Meeke Motorsport and driven ,by Billy Coleman and was very competitive from the outset, setting four fastest stage times on the Cork Rally. The G3 went on to win many domestic rallies and is still competitive to this day.

Dave's Ford Escort G3 Dave's Ford Escort G3

Dave's Ford Escort G3 Dave's Ford Escort G3

Dave's Ford Escort G3 Dave's Ford Escort G3